Based in the heart of the Valleys, Pontypridd, we are one of the most active, competitive and diverse judo clubs in South Wales, welcoming new members of all levels and backgrounds. With classes to suit all abilities, you can start today.

A Brief History of Judo

Judo is a grappling Martial Art and Olympic Sport, unlike most Martial Arts there are no punches or kicks. The aim of Judo is to achieve an IPPON which ends the contest, this can be done by throwing your opponent on their back, by arm locking them, or by strangling them until they submit, which ends the contest.

Originating from jujitsu, judo was created in 1882 in Japan by Jigoro Kano. Kano was an educator and from its beginning judo became a method for both physical and mental development.
Judo became part of the Japanese School system in the early 1900s and is now one of Japan’s most popular sports.
Judo has been an  Olympic sport since the Tokyo Games in 1964.
It is because of this history and the Moral Code, that even today it remains a very popular part of school curriculums around the world.
As well as keeping fit, it teaches children self-discipline and encourages them to deal with life constructively and positively.
The word Judo consists of two Japanese characters – ‘ju’ which means ‘gentle’ and ‘do’ which means ‘the way’.
Judo literally means ‘the way of gentleness’.
Judo is more than a sport, it’s a fantastic form of self-defence, it’s a philosophy, a family and, for many of us, a way of life. Welcome to Judo!